3 Steps to Quickly Diversify Your Real Estate Business

BonusCommissions.comYour real estate business is an investment in your future, so what does conventional wisdom suggest you do when it comes to investing? Diversify! But how does one go about diversifying a real estate business? Good question and Bonus Commissions has the answer for you. Right now you probably offer a single product line, an inventory of properties listed for sale. What else can you sell when properties aren’t moving? Your computer? The shirt off your back? Nothing?

Not quite.

That’s where a partnership with Jason Hartman and Platinum Properties Investor’s Network (PPIN) comes into play for the savvy real estate agent. In addition to gaining access to the best properties in the best markets around the country, courtesy of PPIN’s innovative screening process, you also can offer more than 12 other real estate related products for sale on YOUR website and earn a nice commission on all of them.

Step #1
Follow the simple process at BonusCommissions.com to set up your individually branded website that is powered by literally gigabytes of content – blogs, white papers, podcasts. The kind of stuff that keeps people coming back for more. Jason has spent years building his website into a massively helpful educational resource and now his sweat equity is yours at no cost.

Step #2
Drive traffic to your Bonus Commissions website. You can be as proactive as you want to be. Read through the descriptions of our other real estate products. Chances are there are at least a few that your clients would be interested in. Anything they buy following a link from your website earns you a 50% commission.

Step #3
Educate your customers about income property investing. Keep in mind that we don’t compete with you for California property listings in any way, shape, or form. We don’t recommend buying in California at all. Our sights are set on a handful of nearly 40 other diverse markets around the country that we monitor looking for great investment. When you send us a person who eventually buys one of these out-of-local-market investment properties, we happily pay you a 25% commission.

It’s never been easier to diversify your real estate business than partnering with a proven brand, Jason Hartman. Why not get started now?

The Bonus Commissions Team