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Bonus CommissionsReal estate might be still be a tough sell in your neck of the woods. The massive influx of government cash and incentives hasn’t quite worked like they thought it would to turn the economy around. Buyers are still skittish about taking on more investment properties. While we always say that all real estate is “local,” in this case you might be thinking too local.

By partnering with Platinum Properties Investor Network, you can expand your “local” to mean what our “local” means – in-depth knowledge of almost 40 geographically diverse areas around the country. Some might be cold as ice right now but there are always a few, sometimes more, with excellent investment properties for sale.

The thing is you don’t have to close the sale or know a single thing about Dallas, TX, or Indianapolis, IN, to make money from those far flung locations. We already have experts on the ground who have done the legwork, know the area, and can make micro-targeted real estate recommendations. And for one full year from the day you send a client to us, we’ll pay you a 25% commission if they choose to buy.

This is how you blow the doors off your local real estate competitors. If there’s nothing on the local market, what do they do? Twiddle their thumbs, sit around and complain, and pray. What can you do? Call up your clients and start working on selling them in your other “local” markets. Not a day goes by that we don’t have a double handful of investment properties that are ready to be prime money makers for the next investor with an eye for opportunity.

At, we don’t recommend bad properties.

The Bonus Commissions Team

Bonus Commissions

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