Property Investment Only Creates Wealth When it’s Not a Job

BonusCommissions.comDone properly, property investment transcends the classification of “job” and becomes a calling. This is when the task of creating the kind of life-changing wealth you’ve dreamed of turns into reality. Unfortunately, some people get sidetracked on their way to a property investment career and end up spinning their wheels in what we call “transactional real estate,” making enough money to live relatively comfortably but missing out on the brass ring at the top.

If you want property investment to be a calling rather than a job, DON’T do this…

* Get hung up on flipping houses

* Beat the streets for quick turnaround short sales profits

* Bird dog unlisted properties for cash buyers

The funny thing is that each of the three methods just listed can work great and earn you a nice bit of money to live on with a little pocket change left over. The problem we see is that this type of property investor spends a prodigious amount of time and effort earning a bit of money, maybe a few thousand dollars, per real estate transaction. But the big money in real estate is found in holding onto a property and profiting from each and every one of the multiple ways real estate done the right way offers.

To transcend the job market by taking advantage of the multiple profit opportunities in keeping a property, DO take advantage of this…

1. Price appreciation – consider this the icing on the cake at the end of the day.

2. Cash flow – rather than flip that house for a quick five thousand bucks, why not reap the rewards of monthly passive income by renting it out for decades to come?

3. Tax advantages – The IRA has made real estate the most tax-favored asset in America. With taxes taking such a big chunk out of everyone’s pocketbook, it makes sense to seize these benefits.

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