Tour Phoenix Foreclosures Up Close and Personal with Jason Hartman

BonusCommissions.comConsider this a heads up that the Phoenix Foreclosure Tour is coming May 20-22 and our Bonus Commission partners and blog readers are invited to attend. Jason Hartman, founder and CEO of Platinum Properties Investor Network (PPIN) will be your personal tour guide for a weekend of education, research, and discussion about the Phoenix market.

Those of you with longer memories might recall how Phoenix used to be a strong recommendation from PPIN, up until about 2005, when we stopped recommending it – the numbers simply didn’t make sense any more. Now six years have passed and those with a finger on the pulse of the real estate industry realize it’s been a bloodbath in the Valley of the Sun. Phoenix foreclosures are everywhere you look.

Call it bottom-feeding if you like. The truth is that the time to buy in Phoenix is now. That’s why we’re organizing the luxury motor coach tour. Guests should plan to arrive at The Ritz Carlton in the Biltmore area on Friday afternoon. We’ll take it from there. All your meals are covered, as are two nights at these ultra-swanky digs. The name Ritz-Carlton speaks for itself. Saturday and Sunday will be filled with property briefings, tours, and one-on-one meetings with the PPIN Local Regional Manager’s Team.

The cost to attend is an impressively low $597. We’re not making money. Just breaking even. The kicker is that you get the entire amount refunded if you choose to buy one of the Phoenix foreclosure that weekend. If you’re interested about this historical opportunity to add income properties to your portfolio at rock bottom prices, learn more about the Phoenix Foreclosure Property Tour here

Keep in mind a single night at The Ritz goes for $300. We’re including six meals and a tour of foreclosures with two nights lodging for less than the cost of two nights stay if you called up and booked it yourself – and they don’t feed you. Here’s an excellent opportunity to mix business with pleasure and, though we hate to be the ones to say property prices might never be this low again in our lifetime, property prices might never be this low again in our lifetime!

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